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Romantic bathing ceremonies

Each spa suite features a private steam shower. Two double and two single spa suites feature therapeutic whirlpool baths. An invigorating steam bath or relaxing bathing ceremony is a great way to unwind and relax before or after any massage.

The Chedi Love Bath Ceremony
30 minutes – CHF 250
Love potion, champagne and canapés

Aromatic Herbal Steam Bath
30 minutes – CHF 125
Choose Swiss stone pine for its refreshing qualities or the perfume of wild violets

Alpienne Alpine Botanicals Bathing Ceremony
30 minutes – CHF 125
Wildcrafted Herbs – Alpine herbs to invigorate the mind and body
Hay Flowers – to purify and calm the mind and thoughts
Marigold Blossom and Lavender – a soothing immersion to heal the skin while relaxing the senses
Honey and Swiss Stone Pine – to soften the skin and refresh the mind for enhanced well-being