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Nurturing envelopment rituals

Alpienne envelopments begin with an exfoliation using Honey Peeling Massage Milk to prepare the skin to absorb the therapeutic benefits of the pack and include a deep cleanse of the face while the envelopment is processing. You will be enveloped in an infrared sauna blanket to achieve optimum results from the body pack. The treatment concludes with the application of body lotion.

Alpienne Herb and Moor Envelopment for Invigoration
90 minutes – CHF 280
The application of this nutrient-rich moorland Alpine herb pack enhances well-being and refreshes the body by stimulating the metabolism. It boosts your skin with essential vitamins and minerals and salicylic acid to nourish, restore and nurture. It is recommended to follow this treatment with a massage.

Alpienne Marmot and Gentian Envelopment for Relief of Aches and Pains
90 minutes – CHF 280
Marmot oil, beeswax, gentian root, lanolin, spelt flour and olive oil promote circulation and relieve deeply held tension in the body.

Alpienne Birch and Juniper Envelopment for Purification
90 minutes – CHF 280
This envelopment draws on the traditional detoxification properties of Mediterranean plants, with birch leaves, juniper and orange oil infused with olive oil as the active ingredients, and beeswax and spelt flour for a stimulating detoxification decoction to leave you feeling refreshed and full of energy.

ila Indian Marma Point Ritual with Detox Polish and Hair Mask
45 minutes – CHF 180
The ritual begins with acupressure techniques to release tension and open the flow of vital energy to the head and neck area. Essential oils of juniper berry and geranium with Himalayan pink salt will quieten your mind while giving your hair a healthy shine. A vitamin-rich hair mask feeds, fortifies, and visibly thickens the hair.

ila Amethyst Envelopment for Inner Peace
90 minutes – CHF 280
This amethyst wrap draws out toxins from deep within the cells and astral body. It revitalises and purifies the skin, lymphatic system and bio-energy field and can promote profound emotional and energetic healing. This wrap also incorporates a pearl and jasmine scrub, mini crystal face massage and application of our beautiful Jade body cream.