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Reviving body polish rituals

Alpienne Mountain Herbs Body Polish for Relaxation or Invigoration
60 minutes – CHF 220
A natural salt peel with the added benefit of mountain-grown herbs. Choose from arnica to reduce fatigue and promote circulation; St John’s wort and Biopir for its soothing and anti-ageing properties, or honey and Swiss stone pine for deep relaxation and inner peace.

ila Himalayan Crystal Body Polish for Detoxification or Uplifting
60 minutes – CHF 220
A body polish will stimulate the lymphatic system, aid circulation and refine the texture of the skin. This treatment is an ideal remedy for cellulite, stress and exhaustion. When warmed, the pink Himalayan salt emits many negative ions that refresh and energise on a subtle level. Choose from wild-grown argan oil with juniper berry, organic rose geranium and wild poppy essence for energising and detoxifying, or damascene rose with jasmine and organic rosehip seed oil for a blissful experience. REN Guerande Salt Exfoliating

Body Balm for Delicate Skin
60 minutes – CHF 220
Hand-harvested French mineral-rich sea salt is combined with basil and peppermint essential oils in a balm made from olive and almond oils. This exfoliating body balm gently removes dead cells and will leave your skin moisturised, renewed and glowing. Hot towels are applied to infuse the nutrients from the essential oils for cell renewal and deep relaxation. The ritual concludes with an application of hydrating rose body cream.