A Group Of People Standing On Top Of A Mountain At Chedi Andermatt
Golf Summer time Chedi Andermatt
A View Of A Mountain at Summer Chedi Andermatt
Photo Inside the health club at chedi Andermatt
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Special Offers

Exclusive Experiences

The Chedi Andermatt offers a fantastic range of special offers and packages to ensure you make the most of your stay in the Swiss Alps. Explore our latest offers and start planning your stay.

A Group Of People Standing On Top Of A Mountain At Chedi Andermatt

Chedi backpack, you and your loved ones will set off on a discovery tour through the meadows and gorges of the mountain region.

A Room Filled With Furniture And Vase On A Table At Chedi Andermatt

30 Overnight

Enjoy 3 for 30k.

The Chedi Andermatt celebrates GHM's 30th anniversary in style with the extravagance the Chedi is known for.

A Close Up Of A Golf Game
Nature & Sports

Tee Off In Style

Bright blue skies, lush green meadows and a fresh breeze at your back. Escape the metropolitan heats this summer in Andermatt.

The Chedi Andermatt - Swiss Alps Luxury Hotel -Special Offer - Romantic Hotel - Romance In Style
Wellness & Wellbeing

Romance In Style

A getaway for two in our Asian-inspired mountain resort, including a stay in a deluxe room or suite, four-course dinner, and more.

The Chedi Andermatt - Swiss Alps Luxury Hotel -Luxury Spa & Indoor Pool
Wellness & Wellbeing

Spa Inclusive

Treat yourself to a little pampering with this package, which includes overnight stays for two guests, plus a suite of spa treatments

A photo inside the health club at Chedi Andermatt
Wellness & Wellbeing

Digital Detox

Offline is the new luxury. Recharge your batteries with a Digital Detox experience at The Chedi Andermatt.

Outdoor Pool At The Chedi Andermatt
Wellness & Wellbeing

The New Me

At The Chedi Andermatt, the strength of the mountains is combined with the energy of the water and the vitality of the alpine air.

Enhance Your Stay at The Chedi Andermatt

Adventures & Activities

Tasoni Boutique Chedi Andermatt switzerland

Private Shopping as a Topping

Benefit from the unique privileges of a Chedi guest! Indulge in an exclusive shopping experience in the utmost privacy with new collections arranged just for you.

According to your desires, our Tasoni consultants will assemble the latest fashion trends from a wide range of designer brands, available for you to explore exclusively over champagne and canapés in your suite.

Otherwise, we provide you with the occasion to make an accompanied trip to Zurich to the Tasoni Shop to round out your wardrobe with even more fashion trends.

A Herd Of Sheep Standing On Top Of A Grass Covered Field Surrounded by Visitors

Goat Trekking

Discover nature in a whole new way, in the charming company of goats. Our local guide will take you on an extraordinary hike through the untouched nature of the Swiss Alps, together with these lovable animals. On a mountain meadow you will finally fortify yourself with a fine picnic. This adventure promises a unique, cheerful experience for young and old.

A Bird Sitting On A Rock

The Devils Dance

Inspired by the traditions and legendary sagas, The Chedi Andermatt awaits you on a mountaineering experience for both young and grown-up along the Diavolo path. 

Retrace the footsteps of the history and conquer the Schöllenen Gorge - where the citizens of Uri vanquished the devil in the 13th century.

Contrary to legend, you will be rewarded with a unique and picturesque sight over the gorge during a picnic with your loved ones. Following this unforgettable experience, a soothing massage awaits you in our Spa & Health Club, which rewards you with relaxation and boosts your energy.

So, dare the adventure accompanied by our local mountain guide.

A Group Of People Standing On Top Of A Mountain At Chedi Andermatt

Herbal Hike

The Alpine world is fascinating and breathtaking! On your hike, together with a local guide, from Andermatt you will learn a lot about the local flora and herbs and how to use them.

Countless plants and berries which you find during your half-day adventure, are truly unique culinary highlights: You will try and taste, depending on the season, wild spinach, black cumin, carline thistles or bilberries or mountain cranberries. For sure, hiking and discovering will make you hungry, so you enjoy your alpine picnic while a stunning scenery is awaiting you. And after your return to The Chedi Andermatt it’s getting creative. You will prepare your own jam with our chefs at The Chedi Andermatt kitchen. Pure Alpine pleasure is guaranteed!

A person enjoying Fishing activities in Andermatt at Summer

Flying Fishing

Crystal clear waters, sunshine and peaceful mountain lakes. The beautiful location and the clear pristine water of the Oberalpsee in the midst of the Alpine mountains invites you to fish for lake and rainbow trout, Arctic char and Namaycush trout.

After arriving at the Oberalpsee, enjoy a full day of fishing with our local partner, while a delicious picnic will keep you focused and refreshed. Whether you are a beginner or advanced fly fisherman, there is plenty to discover in the beautiful mountain lake. At the end of the day - if you wish and had Petri Heil - take your own caught fish back to The Chedi Andermatt and enjoy it for dinner.

Round off your day in one of our comfortable rooms or suites at our mountain resort. Petri Heil.

A Group Of Sheep Standing On Top Of A Grass Covered Field

Lama Trekking

No drama, just stroll with a llama!

Discover the Swiss panoramic countryside together with your loved ones – escorted by a companion with big googly eyes, long eyelashes and soft fur.

Start the day with a bulging backpack – filled with treats and refreshments, in other words everything an explorer's heart desires and needs. In an off-road Defender, our local partner "Alpine Sports" will first introduce you to the dreamlike llama wilderness on a road trip.

Afterwards, it will be time for you and your new better half – the Swiss llama – to venture on a magical winter walk through the mountain scenery. Is that not "llamazing"?

Make the most of this unique and adventurous family experience and spit happiness!